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Women in Web

August 11, 2010

I stumbled across this great article based on interviews with web designers that are women. I can’t wait to finish reading it. Thanks “onextrapixel” for sharing! It’s quiet inspiring and I’m hoping to be among these women (and terrific designers) in the next few years!

Here’s MY answers to the interview questions they’ve answered (if you’re interested).

How Did You Get Into the Web Design Industry?
In high school I needed to take a computer course as part of the graduation requirements. At the time of scheduling classes, I discovered my photography teacher was teaching a Digital Arts course. Since I loved photography and the teacher, I went for it. I had no idea what Digital Arts entailed, but I fell in love. I also asked for lots of help.

Not realizing I could make a career out of graphic design (or that I even had talent), I pursued every possible wrong major in college to eventually do terrible. My sister mentioned a graphic and web design program she knew about and one thing led to the next. I graduated the program with straight A’s, started freelancing, and continue to learn more each day!

(continued below…)

Do You Think There is a Lack of Female Web Designers?
I don’t really know. I think you hear of male web designers more often and that there is a lack of women who are interested in the field. I think it has to do with men often times being more interested in the technical side of design that web design brings and women being more interested in making things aesthetically pleasing.

Have You Ever Experienced Any Negativity or Sexism Being in This Industry?
I’ve never directly experienced sexism in relation to my work. I’ve heard that people sometimes think it’s girly or feminine. But, it really just has to do with my clientele. I design for the needs of my client and many times they’re women who work with women- like life coaches or women’s development programs. I’ve also had potential clients, on occasion, try to lower the price of a project because they assume, because of my youth, that I’m not as talented. I don’t like working with people like that and I don’t.

Do You Think Female Designers Have Advantages Over Their Male Counterparts?
I like to think that it goes both ways. Men and women think and perceive differently so certain design jobs are going to be a better fit depending on the designer’s sex.

If You Were Not a Designer, What Would You Be?
I would still want to do something creative. Most likely I would pursue photography full time or be an interior designer. Both of those fields interest me a lot.

What is Your Biggest Challenge/Achievement?
I’d say my biggest challenge is balancing the business side of design with the creative side. I’m getting better at it though. I also have trouble designing for myself. I’m my worst critic. With that said, my recent accomplishment of launching my business website is my biggest achievement to date. Oh, and supporting myself this far being self employed.

Anything to Say to Other Female Designers?
Don’t get discouraged easily, face the things you hate doing the most in the business, don’t stop learning, and don’t let your self doubt get to you. Also, I would encourage other female designers to find inspiration and motivation in the accomplishments of other designers as well as your own success in the business.

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