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Tuesday Love List

September 14, 2010

Happy Tuesday! Here’s 10 new things that a love and an extra bonus! :) Also, stay tuned for next week’s feature. We have a special guest here at L & Co. You’ll just have to wait and see who it is! I don’t think the guys will be disappointed…

1. This may not look that cool, but to see how awesome it really is visit Dmig, aka. design made in Germany. You’ll see what I am in love with it.

2. Speaking of love, my love for tattoos hasn’t fizzled. Someday I will be brave enough. Until then, I will admire them from afar. Beautiful photo taken by Jagger Photography. :)

3. Love the yellow and gray shoes. Aw, how cute.

4. When I get the hang of being a business owner, I will open a shop, make it beautiful, and a wonderful place to hang out and work.

5. Facebook with a sweet taste of vintage and modern. I love the design.

6. Chipboard letterpress invitations are the new cool.

7. Who doesn’t love shoes? Okay boys, just wait until next week…. I promise no shoes will be included :) (credit: Jagger Photography)

8. I unintentionally live by this. But, I suppose it’s a good thing. And, I love it.

9. I love Joy’s this and that feature. Sometimes it makes me laugh a little too.

10. I have so much respect for illustrators. They rock. If I wasn’t a designer, I would want to be an illustrator. Wait, I am a designer and I want to be an illustrator too!

Okay, okay, okay, I’m already excited for my birthday! It’s 10-10-10. Who wouldn’t be excited if that was their birthday? You can’t blame me for already thinking about it. I wish I was one of those cool people who hate their birthday.  I’m pretty set on asking my family for prescription sunglasses. Well, because my eyes hurt when the sun is out and even more when I have to switch between wearing glasses and not wearing them. It’s practical. But, I would also die for one of these sweet things, which isn’t so practical…

They look like mini polaroids. How fun, huh?

Happy Tuesday! :D

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  1. September 14, 2010 4:34 pm

    So glad to see you loved the photo of the tattoo and the shoes! Could you please link it back to our site. Just mention that it’s our photo. Thank you!!

    Jagger Photography

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