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Illustration Inspiration

September 22, 2010

Oh, illustrations. I love them. I want to draw them. They make me smile, they make me want to take over the world with pretty art, they get me going. Here’s a little illustrative treat. Oh, someday… someday… I will try to draw like this. I’ve featured 3 of my favorite illustrators (in no particular order).

First up, Elsie Flannigan (soon to be Larson)…
You can see her work Red Velvet Art.

Next up, Belle and Boo!
Her website is found here.

Last, but not least, Kelli Murray.
Check out her art here or visit Jedidiah Clothing.

Have a good night! :)


A tribute to all men

September 21, 2010

You know the saying, “Anything a man could do a woman could do better?” Well, I must admit that our guest blogger may just be proving that saying wrong. Please welcome Matt Miller to L and Company! He’s an expert when it comes to computers, UFC wrestling, golf, and all things “man”. Oh, and being a great fiance (because he’s mine). Here’s 10 ( uhhh) 12 things, that he thinks are pretty awesome. Make sure you leave him some manly comments. -Lauren

A Tribute to Being a Man

1. I got kicked in the head at Youth Venture last week, my front tooth is chipped, this is how I feel.

2. “Hey you ready? Lets ride the next one in!”

3. You can’t separate a Man from his hunger. What are you hungry for?

4. No comment.

5. Being King of the Jungle, is not pretty.

6. I voted for you Luke, now use the force to fix the economy.

7. Free anaconda rides!

8. Stay down.

9. On fire.

10.  “Call me CUTE one more time and see what happens.”

11.  Bones are something that represent a Man well. Bones break and heal stronger than before. Men may fail but we come back stronger and harder than before.

12. Tribute to the Stache.

Tuesday Love List

September 14, 2010

Happy Tuesday! Here’s 10 new things that a love and an extra bonus! :) Also, stay tuned for next week’s feature. We have a special guest here at L & Co. You’ll just have to wait and see who it is! I don’t think the guys will be disappointed…

1. This may not look that cool, but to see how awesome it really is visit Dmig, aka. design made in Germany. You’ll see what I am in love with it.

2. Speaking of love, my love for tattoos hasn’t fizzled. Someday I will be brave enough. Until then, I will admire them from afar. Beautiful photo taken by Jagger Photography. :)

3. Love the yellow and gray shoes. Aw, how cute.

4. When I get the hang of being a business owner, I will open a shop, make it beautiful, and a wonderful place to hang out and work.

5. Facebook with a sweet taste of vintage and modern. I love the design.

6. Chipboard letterpress invitations are the new cool.

7. Who doesn’t love shoes? Okay boys, just wait until next week…. I promise no shoes will be included :) (credit: Jagger Photography)

8. I unintentionally live by this. But, I suppose it’s a good thing. And, I love it.

9. I love Joy’s this and that feature. Sometimes it makes me laugh a little too.

10. I have so much respect for illustrators. They rock. If I wasn’t a designer, I would want to be an illustrator. Wait, I am a designer and I want to be an illustrator too!

Okay, okay, okay, I’m already excited for my birthday! It’s 10-10-10. Who wouldn’t be excited if that was their birthday? You can’t blame me for already thinking about it. I wish I was one of those cool people who hate their birthday.  I’m pretty set on asking my family for prescription sunglasses. Well, because my eyes hurt when the sun is out and even more when I have to switch between wearing glasses and not wearing them. It’s practical. But, I would also die for one of these sweet things, which isn’t so practical…

They look like mini polaroids. How fun, huh?

Happy Tuesday! :D

Happy Tuesday!

September 7, 2010

I’m taking the week off of loving Tuesday! My desk, computer, and brain are filled with all the projects I’m working on. Hopefully by next week, I’ll be caught up and can share some beautiful images and inspiration. For now, here’s a pretty picture in honor of back to school week. (P.S. Husbandry is a subject I guess!) Also, upon request, stay tuned for a special Tuesday feature in the upcoming month! :) Happy Tuesday. Talk to you next week.


September 1, 2010

Check out my cute mini planner! I don’t know if you’re like me, but I can’t use calendars on the computer- ironic since I’m a graphic designer. Also, I hate those big planners that look like the agendas that a lot of us were forced to use in junior high.

Lucky for me, I love, love, love moleskine’s. I use them for sketching, notes, and now planning. I buy the plain black ones and dress them up with a vinyl sticker. (You can find cute stickers on Etsy or from Red Velvet Art.)

I love it. It’s teeny-tiny. I’m using it strictly for appointments, meetings, and events. I have a separate work schedule and to-do list. It’s the perfect size to throw in my purse. The left page is a weekly calendar and the right page is lined paper.

Happy Planning!


Tuesday and contest WINNER love :)

August 31, 2010

Here’s 10 new things that I LOVE! Scroll down to see the winner of my tee contest as well!

1. Triangles are the new trend.

2. I’ve also been seeing these chalk board walls everywhere! I love them.

3. Love the bow and the luggage.

4. I want to make a mini scrapbook like this one!

5. I don’t know who this girl is, but she sure is cute. Here’s a DIY on how to make her skirt.

6. This cabinet is really pretty. And, I’m pretty sure that perfume is from Anthropologie!

7. Cute outfits and cute photo!

8. DIY strawberry pillows! Cuuuute!

9. This girl looks like Twiggy and I like it!

10. Adorable little step and colorful dish towels!

I’m SO excited to announce the winner of the t-shirt contest! Thanks to everyone who joined in! It was a lot of fun designing a shirt and having so many people who were eager to be involved. I love you all!

I was very fair in choosing a winner. Promise! If you didn’t win this time, I’ll have another one sometime soon!

Congratulations Randi! You won! I will email you will all the details! :) THANKS AGAIN!

Tuesday Love

August 24, 2010

Happy Tuesday! Here’s 10 new things that I love!

1. Rasberry Frozen Mousse from Cannelle et Vanille. This looks good on such a hot day!

2. This dreamy photo from Jose Villa. P.S. I love her hair.

3. Gorgeous flowers from Decor 8.

4. I love this hallway in Allister Ann’s home. It has pretty lighting, hard wood floors, and an awesome sticker (I think) on the door.

5. This photo gives me the giggles.

6. Numbers and paper. (source is MIA, uh oh)

7. Rawwwwwwr!

8. I love the fabric flags, blackboard, and gorgeous writing.

9. I want to work in a teepee toooooooo!

10. Bright and colorful crafting area. Cute.

P.S. Enter my contest to win a free typography tee designed by L & Co!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Become a fan of L & Co. on facebook. Click here to go to the page.
2. Write what your favorite font is on my wall.
3. That’s it!

I will be announcing and contacting the lucky winner next Tuesday! Good luck! And don’t be afraid to let your friends in on it too!